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Experience Alternative Renewable Energy


Specialized Functional Ink from Germany

Can be mass-produced at low cost using environmentally friendly materials

The technological limitations of current photovoltaic modules and the constraints imposed by existing energy storage solutions and infrastructure are preventing photovoltaics from becoming a major source of electricity generation VOOU functional surface materials can change this situation by replacing costly and environmentally damaging energy production with low-cost, high-volume production using environmentally friendly materials. VOOU Functional Surfaces can change this situation by replacing costly and environmentally damaging energy production with a new generation of functional surfaces that can be mass produced at low cost using environmentally friendly materials to generate or store energy in the most efficient, environmentally friendly and safe way.
VOOU functional surface materials can be printed with any design or pattern, making them suitable for building facade tiles, roof coverings, and pedestrian walkways. Additionally, the same technology (using different ink types) can be used to print other functional surfaces that generate light, heat, or cooling.
The ink itself has very small nanoparticles (less than 6nm), is as light as 50g per square meter with a thickness of 500nm to 100um, operates in the range of -50°C to +150°C, and can also generate stable electrical energy with a fixed photon electrolyte. Flexible enough to be used in all kinds of applications, it will further expand new applications that can greatly contribute to the improvement of our lives and the development of society.


High cost performance,  safety

The energy storage capacity of 400 Wh/kg is far superior to conventional lithium polymer batteries. The number of charge cycles is over 500,000, 100 times greater than current solutions. With no chemical or mechanical movement, VOOU batteries have a guaranteed durability and lifespan of over 30 years.

Effective indoors and outdoors

Electricity is generated using diffused dull light and the electrostatic advantage provided by the optical film. Since power can be generated even with weak diffuse light, power can be generated even in countries where it is difficult to use solar cells. It is also resistant to moisture and mechanical shock and can be used indoors, outdoors, and underwater.

Flexible, lightweight, and abundant design possibilities

Flexible films with voou functional surface materials can be applied to curved surfaces, etc. and can also be used under conditions where weight is critical. The surface can also be decorated with colors, logos, images, etc.
Thickness of less than 1mm, any size is possible.
Printing on round and flexible materials is possible.

No risk of chemical leakage

Since no chemicals are used, printed surfaces are free of explosion and chemical leakage hazards, and no packaging is required. Affordability is made possible by the use of only environmentally friendly materials, without the use of expensive and harmful lithium.


Generates electricity on the exterior wall of solar cells

Since the voou module works under diffuse light (indirect light), it can > cover most of the building’s energy needs when combined with the built-in storage battery, which allows more light to be used in a day. In addition, each building owner can contribute to climate protection and significantly reduce their carbon footprint.


Smart Buildings” where buildings become power plants for green power

Energy equivalent to about 3,000 households in 100 buildings 
Approximately 4,300 tons of CO2 can be reduced per year

Assuming 230 m2 of wall and roof tiles per house, 100 buildings generate about 28 MW / day
[230 m2 x 100 buildings x 1.2 kWh / m2 / day = 27,600 kWh / day x 365 days = 10,074,000 kWh / year]

Space reduction rate of 86

No microcracks, no loss of effectiveness due to heating that is self-hardening. No need for battery replacement or battery charge controllers, and no loss of efficiency due to aging or humidity.

・Same amount of power generation in less space.
・Virtually maintenance-free, non-polluting, non-disposal, non-radioactive
・Green power plant for large-scale production


Only seven modules can supply the electricity needed by a household in a rural community.

A single Voou solar module can generate more than 1.4 kWh of electricity per day, or more than 500 kWh per year.
Lightweight, making it easy to install on roofs, walls, and other buildings.

・No need to connect to distant power plants
・No need for decades of planning and construction
・No environmental damage, thus revitalizing rural areas

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